Welcome to Simma Down - Flavors of the Caribbean

Welcome to Simma Down - Flavors of the Caribbean
Beef Tips
Curry Chicken & Stew Chicken
Jerk Chicken Pasta
Turkey Necks

"Everything was absolutely delicious!! This is Caribbean soul food at it's very best. Nothing pretentious about it, just great food prepared with love and care. I'll be back again soon and so will my friends, even though we live over an hour away. Bless y'all, and my deepest wishes for your success. ✌️💜"

Marie L


"Big up🇯🇲Bless up 🙏! I just have to tell you about this place Simma Down. My sweet neighbors the Johnsons told us about this quaint little spot and we couldn’t wait to get there. They were so sweet and brought us backs the jerk chicken, rice and peas, slaw, baked mac and the chicken pasta. Big up to my sweet neighbors. Well everything was absolutely well seasoned and very flavorful. My absolute favorite was the chicken pasta. So today, the hubby and I took the hour and half drive from Madison, MS to Philadelphia. It was such a cool peaceful ride. Jennifer was at the counter taking orders and Baker was in the back doing what he does best, stirring it up. She greeted up pleasantly and even knew who we were because our neighbors told her we were coming. I ordered the turkey neck (which looks like oxtail), rice and peas and baked mac. Hubby got curry chicken rice and peas, cabbage and cornbread. Well, every thing was absolutely delicious and yummy! We sat and talked for a long while ..."

Yvonne I


"SERVICE? AWESOME, I was greeted soon as i walked in. They were so so nice!! The food? EVEN BETTER. I got the curry chicken, the seasoning is on point!! The mac & cheese is to die for 😩😩 & the sweet cornbread just melts in your mouth! I was looking around, and it’s some interesting Jamaican history.. which I find so cool. I love this restaurant. It’s worth more than the $8 I paid!! EVEN THE KIDS LOVE IT!!🥰🥰"

Tramiah D

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Simma Down
Here at Simma Down, we serve cuisine such as Stew Beef Tips, Turkey Necks, Curry Chicken, Rice & Peas, and Stew Chicken. We are located West Beacon Street! Order online for carryout or delivery!
Chicken Curry Soup Steak
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Comfort Food Family Style
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